Ethan B. O. is a stinky smelly boy. He has 6 feet. he bitch!!!!1

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Ethan a CUCK and MUSLIM can i get a "what what"?

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  • Ethan doesn't watch family gut instead he wacthes the little bill because he is a member of the Black Lives Mommies
  • On Thecember 20, 2015 Ethan's caretakers made the unfortunate mistake of allowing his doctor to vaccinate him. Now he diagnose with totinos =( )': TT_TT
  • I let Ethan fucking borrow my fucking dsi from me so he can use Action Replay on my heartgold and give me all the legendaries and now I can't fucking use it anymore I don't know what he fucking did all I get is a black screen with some fucking faggot code in the corner and he hasn't fucking payed me back for what he did I hope he burns in hell the dork