George is a character from Ethantale. He is a skeleton who lives in Snowville and he just loves cooking Sriracha shrimp, because Sriracha sauce is simply epic. He is Joe's brother. Since he is a bit of a numbskull he speaks in the JOKERMAN font.


Origin Edit

George lives in Snowville since 1975 when he moved in from Onett where he lived with his brother and his dog. He used to work in the Sriracha factory but now he is Bernie Sanders's right hand man.

Powers Edit

  • Bone boomerang
  • Bone missile
  • Bone sword
  • Bone katana
  • Skeleton gun
  • Skeleton shield
  • Skeleton grappling hook
  • Sriracha spicy vortex
  • Shrimp cannon
  • Mario's fireballs
  • Mario's jump
  • Call in Yoshi
  • Eat enemies (Only when Yoshi is active)
  • Floating jump (Only when Yoshi is active)
  • Call in Bernie
  • Whip and Nae Nae (Only when Bernie is active)

Trivia Edit

  • George's name may be a reference to "George Costanza" from the hit sitcom "Seinfeld".
  • George's signature sauce may be a reference to the real life Sriracha sauce.
  • George's signature sauce may be a reference to Roblox's epic sauce.
  • The "M" on his armour may be a reference to the hit video game Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, where Super Mario wears a hat with a very similar "M" on it.